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If you are looking for a suitable foreign domestic helper, you may use our foreign domestic helper application service. We simplify the screening and hiring process and

can provide a tailor-made training program for the Foreign Domestic Helper.


Ensemble Human Resources Co., Ltd. holds a Hong Kong Employment Agency license

and an operating certificate approved by the Indonesian Consulate General and

Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong to provide reliable

and legal referral services for customers.


The service items will vary slightly depending on the circumstances of the FDH and

the content of the service. For details of the service content and fees, please feel free to contact us.

Application Processing

Overseas and local foreign domestic helper applications

Contract Renewal


Flight Ticket booking, Medical Check-up

How long does a session last?

One session lasts for 55 minutes to allow for transitions between sessions.

How do online sessions happen?

Online sessions happen via an online software. Students will need a laptop or computer and a good internet connection to participate in the online session.

What subject does Tutor XY teach?

We currently offer tuition in Maths, English and Science from KS1 - GCSE. * Subject to limited availability for English and Science.

How much does each session cost?

Collaborative sessions cost £25 per session. One-to-one sessions cost £40 per session.

How many students are in a collaborative session?

3 - 5 students per collaborative session. All students in a session are grouped by level or year group.

Do we provide face-to-face sessions?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all sessions have been moved online. We do aim to conduct physical sessions in the future when the situation improves.

What happens during our free consultation?

A tutor from Tutor XY will explain to the student and the parent how we aim to help your student progress. We also ask specific questions to create a tailored service for the student. In addition, we answer any questions the student or parent may have.

What national curriculum does Tutor XY align with?

Our curriculum is aligned with the UK Exam boards, including Edexcel and AQA.

When can I cancel or stop having sessions?

Sessions can only be stopped at the end of the month. If there is a desire to cancel a session in the middle of a paying month, a refund will not be provided. A one week notice is required to stop future sessions in subsequent months.

Training Services

Helpers come to our offices during the holiday to gather to share their experiences and teach other freshly come helpers.   We will also provide additional training for FDHs such as introduce them about Hong Kong public transport system,

wet markets and supermarkets, basic time management concepts and basic domestic work.

We can also arrange our consultants to understand more

about the employer’s family background and needs to set a FDH manual for employers and FDH.  

Please contact us for more details.

Cooking and Confinement Training

Grooming course

Domestic helper uniforms


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