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If you are looking for a suitable foreign domestic helper, you may use our foreign domestic helper application service. We simplify the screening and hiring process and

can provide a tailor-made training program for the Foreign Domestic Helper.


Ensemble Human Resources Co., Ltd. holds a Hong Kong Employment Agency license

and an operating certificate approved by the Indonesian Consulate General and

Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong to provide reliable

and legal referral services for customers.


The service items will vary slightly depending on the circumstances of the FDH and

the content of the service. For details of the service content and fees, please feel free to contact us.

Application Processing


Overseas and local foreign domestic helper applications


Contract Renewal



Flight Ticket booking, Medical Check-up

Overseas and local foreign domestic helper applications

1. Recruitment, Interview, Screening and Presentation costs of the FDH

2. Consultation fee of the application and Preparation of documents, Transportation fee / Postal fee / Express Fee

3. Consulate Verification fees

4. HK visa fee (as required by HK Immigration Department)

5. 5 pt Medical Check: HBsAg, VDRL, HIV-1/HIC2, Pregnancy & TB test in Hong Kong Medical Centre

6. Insurance (basic plan 2 years $1000)

7. 2-years Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA)or OFW card fee for Filipino helper)

8. Indonesia training centre Cantonese Training

9. Helper’s HKID card application (if applicable) & Arrange helper to report duty to concerned Consulate-General

10. 30% off discount for replacement (please contact us for detail)

11. One-way airfare to HK (only apply to overseas application)

*Services may be varied by each application, please contact us for detail.

Contract Renewal

The employer can contact us within eight weeks prior the expiration of the foreign domestic helper's work visa to begin the application for renewal. Indonesian or Filipino FDH renewal services include:

  • Consultation fee of the application and Preparation of documents
  • Consulate Verification Fees
  • HK visa fee
  • 5 pt Medical Check: HBsAg, VDRL, HIV-1/HIC2, Pregnancy & TB test in Hong Kong Medical Center (only apply to Indonesian helper application)
  • OWWA (only apply to Philippine helper application)
  • SF station sending documents service x 1 time

Foreign Domestic Helper Insurance

According to the Guide for Foreign Domestic Helpers issued by the Labour Department, when a helper is ill or suffers personal injury regardless of whether this arises out of employment. The employer shall provide free medical care to the helper, including the cost of consultation, hospitalization and dental emergency. In view of the provisions, you may consider providing comprehensive medical and hospitalization insurance for helpers. You may also consider purchasing a comprehensive insurance covering both medical and hospitalization benefits and compliance with the Employees' Compensation Ordinance. Please contact us about FDH insurance for more information.

Foreign Domestic Helper Airfare

Under a standard employment contract, the employer is responsible for the travel expenses of the helper returning to the place of origin at the expiration or termination of the contract. The Labour Department advises employers to provide a helper with a ticket containing free basic baggage, rather than cash equivalent to the value of the ticket, to reduce the situation where the helper only leaves the country to the neighboring area instead of returning to his place of origin after receiving the travel expenses. In addition, before purchasing a ticket, you can confirm the departure arrangement (such as departure date, destination, etc.) with the helper so that both parties have sufficient and reasonable time to deal with the expiration or termination of the contract. The employment contract stipulates that the daily meal and transportation allowance for the helper returning to the place of origin is HK$100 per day. If the employer provides a ticket that is not directly returned to the place of origin, the above-mentioned daily meal and transportation allowance shall be increased as the number of travel days increases.
You can check with our staff for more detail.

Medical Check-up

We will provide medical check-up services for newly arrived overseas foreign domestic helpers. Please contact us for more details for medical examination service quotation.

Training Services

Helpers come to our offices during the holiday to gather to share their experiences and teach other freshly come helpers.   We will also provide additional training for FDHs such as introduce them about Hong Kong public transport system,

wet markets and supermarkets, basic time management concepts and basic domestic work.

We can also arrange our consultants to understand more

about the employer’s family background and needs to set a FDH manual for employers and FDH.  

Please contact us for more details.


Cooking and Confinement Training


Grooming course


Domestic helper uniforms