How to Apply

When applying for a foreign domestic helper, the foreign domestic helper and the employer should abide by the relevant laws and contract provisions. We recommend that employers carefully review their ability to apply for a foreign domestic helper before hiring a foreign domestic helper, and carefully consider the family needs and environment, and first consult with their family members. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Ensemble Human Resources Company Ltd. provides caring services to employers. If the customer has special requirements and needs, our sales team can also provide on-site interview services.

The time required for application and foreign domestic helper to arrive in Hong Kong:  The application time of the foreign domestic helper is approximate three months and above. Of course, the time required for the application may vary depending on each application.

Expected Arrival Date for FDH It will take approximate three months after the Completion of Employment Contract and with a complete set of required documents provided by both Employer and Domestic Helper. 

*The above process time is based on estimation and for reference only.  The process time may vary by each application.

Arrangement on FDH arrival date:

• Courier the Visa to FDH (it takes about 4-7 days)

• After receiving the visa, the foreign domestic helper will go through the local departure procedure and book the flight ticket (it takes about two weeks)

• In general overseas foreign domestic helper will not fully comply with the designated arrival date proposed by the employer. The employer should reserve a week or so before and after the “designated arrival date” to prepare for the foreign domestic helper arrival.

Documents Required for Applying for a Foreign Domestic Helper

Identification Document

1. A copy of the employer’s identity card or

2. If the employer is not a Hong Kong permanent resident, please show a copy of the employer's travel document (including personal data and the number of pages with the latest Hong Kong visa).

Financial Proof Document

Employing a foreign domestic helper must hold a family income of not less than HK$15,000 per month or an asset of similar amount.

If the employer is an employee of a company

1. The tax return issued by the Inland Revenue Department for the current year or the previous year's income, the total annual income of HK$180,000 or above;

2. Bank or monthly statement of automatic transfer of monthly salary for the past three months;

3. Or the employer holds a certificate of considerable assets (for example: the most recent property tax assessment notice / time deposit / savings deposit statement for the past six months (not less than HK$350,000)

It is also possible to apply for a joint income of a spouse, a copy of the marriage certificate is attached to prove the relationship between the two;


An asset with a family income or amounts equal to not less than HK$15,000 per month proves that you have sufficient financial ability to hire the foreign domestic helper throughout the contract period (i.e. two years).

Proof of Address

A proof of the address of the employer on the standard employment contract (ID 407), i.e. the most recent rate levy notice or Utility bills such as water/telephone charges/electricity bills for the past three months.

If the contract address is a unit of the Housing Department / Hong Kong Housing Society's residence / housing estate, the following documents should be provided.

- Housing Department / Hong Kong Housing Society approves the consent of the helper to live in the unit

- 1st to 4th copy of the lease with the Housing Department / Hong Kong Housing Society, with address uploaded

And personal information of family members.

If the supporting documents are not in the name of the employer, please provide proof of relationship, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, company annual report, share allocation record [Form 1(b)], etc.

Living (Members) Information

Family Member Information:

-Full Name

- ID Card Number

- Year of Birth

- Relationship

Further Information

The information can be mailed to: Shop 37B, 1/F, Hung Hom Plaza, 37 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom.

Or email to: