Employer Requirements

We recommend that employers understand the rights and obligations of foreign domestic helpers before hiring foreign domestic helpers:

The below information is provided by

Labour Department and Immigration Department

Employment Qualification

(a) The employer is financially capable of employing a Helper after his/her household expenditure has been deducted. In general, for every Helper to be employed, the employer must have a household income of no less than HK$15,000 per month or assets of comparable amount to support the employment of a Helper for the whole contractual period. The monthly household income figure of HK$15,000 may be adjusted by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) from time to time.

(b) The Helper and the employer shall enter into a standard Employment Contract (ID 407) as specified by the Director of Immigration.

(c) The Helper shall only be required to perform domestic duties for the employer as per the Schedule of Accommodation and Domestic Duties attached to the standard Employment Contract (ID 407).

(d) The Helper shall not be required or allowed by the employer to take up any other employment with any other person during his/her stay in the HKSAR and within the contract period specified in Clause 2 of the standard Employment Contract (ID 407).

(e) The employer undertakes to pay the Helper a salary that is no less than the minimum allowable wage announced by the HKSAR Government and prevailing at the date of application for employing the Helper.

(f) The Helper shall work and reside in the employer’s residence1 as specified in Clause 3 of the standard Employment Contract (ID 407).

(g) The Helper shall be provided with suitable accommodation and with reasonable privacy2 .

(h) The bona fides of the employer and the Helper are not in doubt; there is no known record to the detriment of the employer and the Helper. For details of matters which will be taken into account, please refer to section IV on “Breaches” below.

(i) The employer is a bona fide resident in the HKSAR.

Required Documents

(a)Employer Hong Kong identity card copy. If the employer is not a Hong Kong permanent resident, please present a copy of the employer’s travel document (including

Personal data and the number of pages with the latest Hong Kong visa and other information).

(b)Employer's recent tax bill (issued by the tax bureau)

Or automatically transfer the salary account certificate for the last 3 months to prove that the employer’s annual salary exceeds HK$180,000 or above or

Monthly salary of HK$15,000 or above; or the last three months of the food bill; or the last three months of bank time deposits over Hong Kong

Coin $360,000 (To hire 2 helpers, employers with an annual salary of HK$180,000 x 2 or time deposits need to be no less than HK$

Coin $720,000 and so on).

(c) A copy of the marriage certificate or a copy of the birth certificate.

(d) (if the proof of economic income or proof of address is different from the name of the applicant)

Please present a copy of the water/gas fee/rate/house phone/electricity or cable TV bill registered in the name of the employer in the last three months (the mobile phone list will not be accepted). The original of the receipt will be returned by the applicant.

(e) The current/past maid's name, Hong Kong identity card number and the effective date of the work permit.

Foreign Domestic Helper Minimum Wage

According to the current regulations of the Hong Kong Government, the "prescribed minimum wage" for overseas domestic helpers i.e.: HK$4,630 per month.

Whether the helper agrees or not, it is illegal for the employer to pay short wages.

Food and Accommodation Arrangements

Under the standard employment contract, you must provide suitable and reasonable privacy accommodation for foreign domestic helpers, free meals (or no meal allowance of HK$1,120 per month), and foreign domestic helpers from their place of origin to Hong Kong and contracts. Travel to the original place of residence upon termination or expiration.

Rest Day

The rest day is not mandatory on Sundays, but the employer should give the FDH a four-day rest day and a rest day at least one day a week.

Statutory Holidays

The FDH can enjoy the following statutory holidays for a total of 12 days a year.

1. January 1

2. Lunar New Year's Day

3. Lunar New Year's Day

4. Lunar New Year's Day

5. Ching Ming Festival

6. Labor Day

7. Dragon Boat Festival

8. HKSAR Establishment Day on July 1

9. Mid-Autumn Festival Day

10. Double Ninth Festival

11. China National Day, October 1

12. Winter Festival / Christmas (selected by the employer)